Scipio Ifriquia

Consul of Némos and Gaercimia


Scipio Ifriquia, Consul of Némos and Gaercimia, started his political and military career as a on the northern border of the Empire in the mountains of Melthore. He ran for political office in Melthore, but his monarchist views proved an obstacle in that populist dominated province. For his loyalty, Empress Sophia granted Scipio the command of a full legion, which was enough guardians to make Scipio a member of the senatorial class. Scipio left the command of his troops with his Legatus and became an active Senator in Majesta. Thanks to his success at fighting Carnoids in Melthore, he was later made Governor of Némos as the province was plagued with Shinthalaies. An early supporter of Emperor Karelianos V, he was granted consular authority over Némos and the neighbouring province of Gaercimia, authority he shares with Pactobius in that second province.

Controlling Némos is the only advantage Scipio has over the powerful Pactobius, who has more and better equipped legions, and benefits from his alliance with the Optimates Archons of Gaercimia and Dethripia. Scipio is not as a popular leader either, as life in Némos is harsh and its citizens quick to blame their Governor. Scipio had an ally in Tribune Numa Coinin, but lost him when Coinin was promoted to the Deopagus and his Legions disbanded.

To solve the current occupation of Korvosa, Scipio advocates a swift action against the enemy. He proposes to ferry whatever troops that are immediately available (mostly his own) across the Jeggar River and invade the South part of the city while staying clear of the leukosian fleet. The idea is to allow the enemy an escape at sea once they realized that defeat is inevitable and cut both sides losses.

Scipio Ifriquia

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