Urbi et Orbi

The Tribune of Majesta addressed the Senate in these terms:

Distinguished Colleagues,

Now that this venerable assembly has endorsed the nomination of Magister Meteelin as Korvosa’s next Magistrator and privy adviser to our Emperor, let us discuss another appointment, of the greatest importance this time: the election of a colleague in consulship to Senator Scipio. Following the demotion of ex-counsul Pactobius and former Governor Drusus Tarquinus, it is essential to choose an individual who will be both able to prevent civil unrest in the Western Provinces and provide military support to the Imperial Legions. This is why, as Protector of the People and on behalf of the Populist Party, I would like to propose the nomination of Talfinius of Melthore as Consul, for the remaining of Pactobius’ term. His son Talford was recently awarded great military honors by this assembly and his men walked in Triumph through Majesta’s gates. Talfinius has access to…

He stopped and all Senators rose as the Emperor unexpectedly entered the Senate:

Noble Members of the Senate,

Considering the imminent threat to Capoua, I, your Emperor, decided to lead personally all four legions of the Praetorian Guard to the front to face the Vrykolos’ army. Consul Scipio is to remain here with his men and act as City Warden during my absence. I leave it up to you Senators to elect Pactobius’ replacement while I am gone. I shall first march on Korvosa to have my new Magistrator anointed and quell any ill feelings Pactobius’ demise might have left amongst his supporters. I am departing immediately. I shall not return before I’ve recovered the Eagle of the XIIIth Legion and avenged my men. Majesta is yours…

Not even the most insightful Oracles of this period knew that this decision by a young Emperor to forge a Saga of his own was going to change the face of Aurias for the decades to come.

Grander and Demise of the Agricolas, Tome III – Scibios The Oracle



Following a disturbing report made by the committee presided by Senator Themistocles the Old, the Senate ruled as follow:

- Pactobius is to blame for leaving the gaercimian front and exposing the flank of the 13th Legion. It is the opinion of the Senate that Pactobius’ actions led to the destruction of the entire regiment and the capture of its crystal standard. Pactobius was impeached before the Senate who put an end to his consulship. Pactobius is now to serve as Governor of Dethripia in replacement of Drusus Tarquinus.

- Drusus Tarquinus is demoted from his position of Governor of Dethripia, but remains Admiral of the Fleet.

- Heroneus is to blame for his lack of leadership in the Korvosa Crisis. The Senate finds him guilty of cowardice in the face of the enemy. Heroneus is to be stripped from his rank in the Imperial Army and exiled to his native Melthore.

- Magister Nestorius has been ordered to retire as a private citizen after failing to protect the Beacon Stone entrusted to his care by the Emperor.

The re-conquest of Korvosa is nevertheless a reason to celebrate. This is why the Senate voted a triumph for Consul Scipio for his leadership in the matter. Triumphal ornaments are also to be granted to Archon Talford, Basil Pasidouris and Phoebus.

Senatorial Comittee

Citizens of Aurias,

As decided by the Senate on my recommendation, a senatorial committee made of Senator Themistocles the Old , Senator Progi Prompolopoulos and Senator Livia Antemodoros shall depart immediately for Korvosa to investigate the recent events. Its mandate is to determine the reasons why the City fell to the enemy. It shall also assess the measures taken by the local authorities to resolve the situation. When it returns to Majesta, the committee is to report to the Senate to make recommendation as to who is to blame for the invasion, and who should be credited with retaking Korvosa. Punishments and honours shall be distributed accordingly afterward.

- Karelianus Korenos Agricola , Imperator

Day 31

Members of the Committee arrived in Korvosa 5 days ago with a small army of magisters an clerks and sent them on a fact finding mission. After their staff members interviewed scores of citizens, the Senators of the committee came up with the following list of “persons of interest” :

- Consul Scipio Ifriquia
- Consul Pactobius
- Governor Drusus Tarquinus
- Prefect Heroneus
- Aedile-Archon Basil Pasedouris
- Aedile-Archon Phoebus
- Archon Talford
- Magistrator Nestorius

These citizens are to be questioned by the members of the Committee.

Pregnant Teens and Mad Dogs

Day 11 and 12

Come not between a pregant teen (Drucilla) and her unwitting father, the freaking " Governor of Dethripia ".

On the docks, some guys are acting suspiciously. They don’t want to show us what’s in the bag, so Clovis grabs it and winks away. A discussion ensues. We are able to rebut their arguments. Erlak continues his new idiom of stand in the Crow’s Nest and fire double barrels of magic missiles, now improved with a side order of Aggro-Drawing Trash Talk.

Bag contains the standard of the 13th Legion. Oops. We go and inform Scipio.
The 13th Legion of Scipio has fallen, leaving Capua undefended. Scipio highly alarmed.
Scipio orders the remnants of the Legion destroyed to keep it quiet. We offer them an alternative in our ongoing Witness Protection / Second Chance Relocation / Job Rehabilitation Project. These guys have that same weird scarring along the back and down the wrist as the sick Centurion did.

Speaking of which… Crixus has decided to take matters into his own hand with regards to payback against Pactobius. Not that we necessarily want to see Pactobius do well, but this sort of initiative is a tad overzealous. Someone has forgotten Their Place. The party foils the plan for Pactobius’ ambush and arrives themselves to discuss the matter with Crixus and 3 flunkies he seems to have picked up along the way. Oh dear oh dear, it appears our Crixus has gone a bit rabid, because now he’s barking at us. Ahem.

One round later and Crixus and Telford have exchanged massive criticals and both are bloodied. One of the flunkies tries to run, but even on his knees, Alastor’s having none of that.

Round Two a fireball goes off in the Courtroom ( McClane: Is the building on fire? Al: No, but it’s gonna need a paint job and a shit load of screen doors. ) and Crixus’s trash-talking may have written a cheque he can’t cash. He teleports outside, getting ready to flee down the street. Erlak spends a Humanity Point and fries Crixus with a lightning bolt.

Two weeks about to pass before Council of Senate.


Night 10

Attack on the Cathedral in Cassomir.

Escape from Cassomir with Alastor’s family.

Fight against an Acheronid.

Assault on Korvosa

Day 9

Talford and is men open the gates and secure Castle Korvosa (+1 military support).

Preator Meleandros and Melekos the Architect are dead(+1 popular and political support).

Konemnos escaped.

Talford and his men have Scipio’s back…

Scipios was told about a plot against his life.

A strange letter from Batista.

Stop at Sandpoint looking for Alastor’s family.

War Council

Day 8

Nikias Kriton makes a strange prophecy:

Walking gods shall fight – under the Sun.
One true, one false – under the Sun.
The false god casts a long shadow – under the Sun.
And falls to the poison of deception – under the Sun.
Like a snake swallowing its own tail – under the Sun.

The Archons vote in favor of Scipio’s plan.

Veni vidi vici

Day 7

Consul Pactobius shows up with 300 men and more on the way. Pactobius’s plan is to besiege Korvosa and contain the enemy within the city while all available boats and ships are sent North on the Jeggar River to fetch reinforcements (mostly from his own legions). The Consul wishes to take the time to gather enough troops in order to ascertain a total victory over the invader. The Dethripian navy is to be called upon to blockade Korvosa and cut Konemnos’ every possible escape route to make sure he is captured or killed.

A vote is to be held the next day to determine the military strategy to adopt.

Si vis pacem para bellum

Day 6

“Probe” into Alastor’s fsamily disapearance at the Red Curtain. Seems the Templar had a hand in it, invoking an hold debt.

Consul Scipio arrives with 500 men. To solve the current occupation of Korvosa, Scipio advocates a swift action against the enemy. He proposes to ferry whatever troops that are immediately available (mostly his own) across the Jeggar River and invade the South part of the city while staying clear of the leukosian fleet. The idea is to allow the enemy an escape at sea once they realized that defeat is inevitable and cut both sides losses.


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