The Emperor is Dead... Long Live the Consul...


By now all of you heard the news. The Emperor is dead, killed by the men sworn to protect him. We will leave it to History to judge His reign, and the men who plunged their dagger in his heart.

As Consul, it falls to me to uphold the law during the interregnum. I recognize that the Senate has many pressing matters to discuss:

  • The Governor of Aurias [Monarchist] is asking for punitive actions against the Emperor’s assassins;
  • The Theocratic Party and the Optimates are demanding that the now out of control Nemesis Caste be dismantle and its members destroyed;
  • The Noble Governors of Aldeos [Monarchist] and Telmyre [Optimates], are jointly proposing that a peace be negotiated with king Herod of Kerdios.
  • On the other hand, Marcelus, Governor of Melthor [Populist], supported by the Theocrats, is asking for punitive actions against Kerdios.
  • I personally proposed, along with members of both the Populist and Optimates Parties that the Deopagus be brought back to the Capital, but know the venerable institution is besieged by forces from White Throne.

Votes on these questions will have to wait. By law, the Senate is adjourned until it is ready to elect a new Emperor. First, Karelianus’ body has to be retrieved and receive a proper burial. Then, the Emperor’s Will has to be read. The Imperial Will is safeguarded by the Deopagus and is therefore currently out of our reach. The Deopagus also has to certify that all candidates are of royal blood. Finally, a Census where all Archons have to account for their legions has to be conducted before an imperial election is held.

In the meantime, I swear to fulfill the duties of my office in the best interest of the People of Aurias.

Consul Titus Talfinius – Minutes of the Senate

The Curse of the Pharaoh

Betrayed by his Emperor who stole from him the most precious relic of the Kerdosian faith, King Herod sacked the Port of Tessalonia and cursed it with the Plague. Rats onboard Melthorian merchant ships spread the Black Death from port to port. During the fourth winter of Karelianus V’s reign, the corps of the sick rose and walked the streets.

King Herod unleashed another curse on the Agricolas by revealing one of their darkest family secret. Claudius the Paper Artificer, the stammerer, was in fact an Archon turned into an Artificer because Karenos wanted no rival in his House. “Poor Uncle Claudius” was already 10 year old when Kerdosian Necromancers attempted to make a magister out of him. The procedure failed and Claudius, barely alive, became an Artificer. Rumors of such vile practices were common within Kerdosian Royalty, but never was an ancient Aurelian house touched by such a scandal.

With the loss of the Province of Kerdios, the Golden Age of the Empire was officially over.

Grander and Demise of the Agricolas , Tome III, by Scibios The Oracle

A Call for Elections


I, your God and Emperor, have heard your prayers for more democracy. This is why I am giving you two candidates for you to choose your second Consul from. The first man I am sending to you is General Pactobius. He amended his past mistakes by conquering enemy territories and brings with him a war chest full of plunder taken to the Tyrant, as well as prisoners of great value. The other is the noble Herod Rea, King of Kerdios, who is second only to Myself in nobility and power.

Be prepared to welcome them soon, for they have been on their way for a week already.

Karelianus-Tamiras , the Second Incarnation

A History Lesson

From the most sacred and respected institution under the first Republic, the Deopagus drifted to a mere court of appeal and convenient place of exile under the Empire. Before the end of the Republic, the Senate had already made it a habit of naming former Consuls and other state officials whose important personal power could threaten the democratic government to the supreme judicial function. In the republican context, the practice reinforced the moral authority of the Deopagus by allowing former prominent political figures to keep playing a role in the public life.

Paradoxically, actions taken by the first Emperors to thwart the Deopagus’s authority somehow prevent its extinction. The moving of the Deopagus to the mountains of Northern Melthore, near what is known today as Fort Talford, was seen by the Senate has evidence that the institution was still a protection against unchecked imperial authority. The nomination of judges who were former political enemies of the Emperor, often by the Emperors themselves, also reinforced the confidence of the citizens towards the institution.

Empress Sophia Agricola made ample use of the Deopagus as an exile destination for rivals too powerful to be simply suppressed. Ex-Consul Nemosias, who supported her brother’s claim during the War of Succession, was the first one. He was followed shortly after by Gaius Styxius Glaba “the Regent”, the other Consul of the time.

There was a Historical controversy for some time around Gaius Styxius Glaba’s past and position during the War of Succession. He was considered to be a Populist by some, and a Theocrat or a Monarchist by others. In turn an ally and an enemy of the imperial authority. Magister Erlak Coinin, himself a relative of another member of the Deopagus, Numa Coinin, and his companion, the Templar remembered as Lady Katana, researched the question. They concluded that Gaius Styxius Glaba, even though he wore the blue cloak of his adoptive father, had been more influenced by the theocratic ideas of Antonius Glaba’s concubine, his adoptive mother, who was a Daughter of Selen. Like most Theocrats of the time, he remained neutral during the War of Succession, but pledged his loyalty to the Emperor who would be crowned. He swore such an oath on the Unbroken Lance, his magic spear, that he sent to Konemnos after he was defeated by Monarchist forces during a skirmish in Northern Melthore. Shortly after, Gaius Styxius Glaba rode to Majesta, his Bridle of Flame leaving a blazing trail behind him. There, he was elected Consul with the support of both the Neutrals and the Monarchist supporting the claim of Konemnos. This is how he earned the title of Regent.

Populists such as Consul Titus Talfinius tried to use Gaius Glaba’s prestige to support their cause after his death by making him a Republican, but History proved them wrong and these attempts failed.

Grander and Demise of the Agricolas , Tome II, by Scibios The Oracle

Ransacking Scipio`s Office

While ransacking Scipio’s office you find:

- A chest with 5,000 GP in it;
- A Map of Northern Melthore;
- Some correspondence, the important stuff is below.

Scipio’s Correspondence:

[…] In my review of the current state of the capital’s treasury, I also noticed that the departure of the Praetorian Guard left our grain reserved quite low. The Legions left with months’ worth of wheat and barley. We need to make arrangements in order to receive more shipments of grain from Kerdios to make up for what is missing or this is going to be a rough winter. […]
- Consul Titus Talfinius

[…] you will be pleased to learn that most Lairs in Nemos, Aurias and Majesta are ready to welcome members of Nemesis Caste. Everything has been prepared in accordance with the standards established at the Beacon Stone of Capua following Magistrator Xenophos’ specifications. That might be just what the Emperor needs to assure his victory in his current campaign. […]
- Magistrator Dedalus

[…] Also, I am sorry to bother you with this, but would you know where Oracle Nikias is? He serves with Praetor Talford, one of your officers. Nikias is my cousin and we did not have any news from him for a long time. I would like to discuss the prophecy he made on the eve of your victory in Korvosa with him.
- Magister Zaccaria, Ambassador of Kerdios to Majesta

[…] The Templars have been sniffing around our businesses lately. We though they we tailing us at one point, but it turned out they were escorting one of the Emperor’s concubine, a Daughter of Selene, to the Deopagus. The little Lion is safe with your men. […]
- Zugma, Cheik of Sandstone

To High-Priestess Vesta

High-Priestess Vesta broke the red seal of the letter Talford’s brought her from the Emperor and read it:

Revered Mother,

On my quest to recover the missing Eagle, I followed your wise advice and I asked Claudius to dig up the imperial archives of the period when the 13th Legion received its colors. Poor Uncle Claudius was attacked by dire rats in the process, but do not worry, he is well. Only his pride was injured by the mockeries of the Court that followed.

The “paper artificer” as they call him nevertheless worked his magic. By restoring ancient documents using Make Whole rituals, Claudius was able to determine that War-Abbess Hephaestia is the Templar who created the crystal eagle of the 13th. Claudius also found that Hephaestia was buried in the crypts under the watch tower of the main gate of the Temple. According to her will, it was her last wish to be buried there to protect the Temple beyond death.

Revered Mother, I respectfully ask that you have Templars perform rituals at War-Abbess Hephaestia’s last resting place so that maybe she will answer our prayers and grant us some clues as to the whereabouts of the missing Crystal Eagle.

Karelianus Agricola, Imperator

After that, High-Priestess Vesta told you that you would have to clear the crypts of the spirits guarding it if you wish to have access to Hephaestia’s tomb, where the ritual must be performed…

Citizen Roll

Senator Talfinius raised his voice to be heard amongst the general uproar of the Senate:

Consul Scipio, we are all relieved by the Emperor’s sudden recovery, but we received the most disturbing news from the Western Front as well. Apparently, the Emperor dismissed the current Governor of Gaercimia Gearcimia and moved Pactobius from Governor of Dethripia to that position instead. Furthermore, he reappointed Drusus Tarquinus as Governor Dethripia, less than two months after he sanctioned Tarquinus’ dismissal by the Senate. Respectfully, all these appointments are illegals as they were made without the consent of the People as represented by this noble assembly of Senators. I say we should promptly elect a second consul and summon the Emperor to answer our questions. My son Talford just liberated Capua, freeing Agricola from this burden. My son won this war, the Emperor can come back.

The lictors had to hit the butt of their axes on the floor repeatedly before the assembly was quiet enough to allow Consul Scipio to reply:

Noble colleagues, I share your concerns. Unfortunately, His Imperial Majesty can’t come back now. As you remember, the Emperor swore a solemn oath, in this very House, not to come back to Majesta before He recovers the lost Eagle of the XIIIth Legion. The noble Karelianus is sending to us His father and Legatus, along with a cohort of the Praetorian Guard, to answer all the questions me might have.

As for the election of a second consul, the Emperor entrusted us with this task and I agree that we must accomplish it promptly. So far, divisions amongst the Senators have prevented any of the three candidates from reaching the required majority. Recent progress in the ongoing Census might help resolve this difficulty. I have been informed by the Censors that the members of the recently formed Urban Militia, forces placed under the command of the Plebeian Tribune, are ready to be granted citizenship and guardian status. Their names have been placed on this document that only needs the Senate’s approval to be added to the Citizen Roll. You will notice that, at the bottom of the parchment, I took the liberty of adding a few names. These are veterans of the IIIrd Irregular that I recommend for citizenship as a reward for their victories in Korvosa and Capua…

Nemesis of the Gods

Some called it a shooting star, others a meteorite. Some said it announced the fall of an Emperor, other the rise of a new Caste. When you look back at History, meteor showers always brought changes in their trail: new Metals, new Beacon Stones, new Carnoids, and Gods, old and new. This particular one brought Gods. One true, one false, under the Sun…

Even as I was only a young disciple, I knew that Old Master Nikias was more gifted for prophecies than his contemporary would give him credit for.

Grander and Demise of the Agricolas , Tome III, by Scibios The Oracle

Dies Irae (Day of Wrath)

Citizens, our Republic faces great danger. As we are still at war with the enemies of Humanity, my colleague in Consulship, Kalastor Agicola, signed a separate peace with the Tyranny, but only for his own provinces. Agricola is now marching back to Majesta with his legions. He expects the Senate to grant him Imperium over all the Provinces of Aurias, in order for his pact with Leukos to apply to the whole Republic. He probably hopes that the attrition of our troops in the war will give him the votes he needs to achieve his treacherous plan. But we shall fight tyranny wherever we find it, be it outside or inside of our borders. Citizens, Patricians and Proles, Optimates and Populists, we have to unite our forces to save the Republic. Agricola and his theocrat allies would rather impose one king and one God on us, but we will prevail.

History tells us that Sejanus Quintus Pactobius and his civil war did not prevail. Instead, Kalastor Agricola became the first Emperor and Aurias, if only for a decade, knew peace with her neighbour. During this Golden Age, freedom of religion was preserved, as well as the right for every citizen to be represented by an Archon in the Senate. But the rivalry between Houses Pactobius and Agricola was far from being at an end, and would mark the centuries to come.

Grander and Demise of the Agricolas , Tome I, by Scibios The Oracle

Close Encounter of the Third Kind II

As Talford and his men are petrified, charmed or dominated by the beholder, time seems to stop. From two of the creature’s peripheral eyes, holographic representations of an Illithid master and its disciple are projected:

D – Master, the Beholder picked up the signature of our subject in this area of the Web. We are close to the location were the technician was found dead.

M – [Studying Erlak] It came from this one, but that’s not him.

D – Could this Human make a good king as well?

M – I don’t think so. His connexions to the Hydra are all messed up. He would be short-circuit prone.

D – [Pointing at Nikias] What about this one ?

M – That one is much more healthier, but still at an early stage of development. Mark him if you wish. You can study his evolution, but I am afraid our City will need a new king before this one is ready.

D – [Looking at Alastor’s hammer] Master, look at this. Shouldn’t we take this away from them?

M – This is just a projection of the real thing. These humans are sleeping. They won’t remember us when they wake up…


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