Chapter One - Day 1 of the Siege

Seeking to make their mark on the world, the party led by Archon Telford arrived in Korvosa on their way to the front in Gaercimia, where glory awaits.

Our pre-ordered magical goods not delivered. Supposedly they will be “forwarded on”.
Telford wisely decides that’s BS and, rather than shipping out with the main fleet, stays in Korvosa in order to pay a visit to our delinquent Artificer.

While on the way to the shop, an “EMP” passes through the city, shorting out the dailies of all items and bringing the Magister and Oracle to their knees. It seems to have come from southwest of the party’s present position.

Leukosians start spilling from the Artificer’s store and slaughtering civilians. This cannot stand.

After clearing out the street of baddies, the party enters the shop to find a local traitor who is guiding Leukosians entering from a portal in a back room. The traitor is subdued, and the portal disabled, but subsequent questioning reveals this portal to be but one of many. Korvosa has been betrayed, its beacon stone disabled, and Leukosians are pouring into the city in order to seize it, cutting off Korvosa and leaving large portions of the Gaercimian offensive without resupply.

Adventure Log
The narrative

This will be a work in progress. Specifically, I shall be adding items haphazardly and then attempting to organize them into order subsequently. Fortunately, the site allows the dates to be set arbitrarily to maintain proper sequence.

Also, everyone should feel free to edit or add new articles to any part of the wiki, etc. Party members should particularly note the GM’s comments and add their own as they see fit. This is a shared space.


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