Chapter Eight - Shopping for a gladiator

Day 5

- 3,000 GP are paid to Batista for the recovery of Crixus, Champion of Capua. The ownership of the slave is bought from Batista for 1,000 GP.

- 500 men from the 3rd Irregular lead by Ajax show up.

Chapter Seven - Securing the Supply Ship

Day 4

Sent out by Heroneus to intercept messengers of Basil – or was it a snipe hunt?

North of Jeggare Crossing, come upon Cipio’s troops, who already know what’s going on in Korvosa and were ordered to return 4 days ago. Say what?

Clovis is given a wounded Centurion to take to East Korvosa for treatment, while the party hurries homes to meet an incoming Dethripian supply ship.

As the fight on the ship ends, Telford calls in an airstrike on his own position in an attempt to kill an enemy minion.

Captured Enemy Ship, brought the supply ship (which includes “mail” to the soldiers at the front) in safely to port in East Korvosa.

Alastor’s family went missing. A strange note is found.

Chapter Six: Encounter at High Bridge

Day 3

Defeat of Tyrax

Chapter 5: The Crystal Retrieved

Day 2

- A secret way
- Speaking with Clovis the White Caste assassin, we learn of the fate of Leonidas
- Negotiations with thieves
- A plan is formed – distraction and withdrawl
- Tenser’s floating disk
- The north crossing
- Leukos needs women, eyes on the prize
- Encounter at the temple
- Encounter at the docks
- Redshirts make good

Chapter 4: Into the Limbo

Night 1

- Xezath fight: the Xezac enter through the portal control retrieved from the Artficer’s shop, burst out through the backpack. The Xezac radiate necrotic damage, which makes them a threat to minions, who are forced to flee. Nonetheless, the party is able to dispatach them.
- Take the drug, a preparation of Typhoon Venom prapared by the Priestess of Typhoon. With 5 doses, the party adds a brave redshirt to come with them.
- The party grows sleepy, crosses over into the Limbo. We set redshirts as guards. The doses will give us between 6 and 8 hours in the Limbo.
- We appear where we fell asleep in the Limbo, a land of grey shadows. We cross the High Bridge and attempt to make our way on sidestreet to the University. However, since we do not have knowledge of their real-world equivalent, we end up in a mobius strip. Lost on a street we don’t know, we end up back on the section we began.
- Walk to the university equivalent
- Blocked by webs
- Lost a red shirt
- Spiders and dryders
- The red lines and blue
- Spiders are the good guys. How to make friends with a limbonic spider: feed him something magic. The spiders are rebuilding the Beacon Stone.
- Make whole ritual throw up
- The eye and speaking
- Hydra or snake god?
- Opening to the vague figures
- Recharged items
- Back home

Some of the interfering magic seems to be powered through a Beacon Stone to the North East of our present location. Nemos, perhaps?

Chapter 3.5 Erlak and Nikias take Counsel

After Heroneus departed, the war-council was still two hours away. Telford issued orders for his Guardians to resupply and sent out others to report back on the East Shore’s defenses. If matters proceeded as they now seemed to be, this could be a very difficult night of fighting just to hold the East Shore, leaving aside the fate of all those citizens left to their fate in Korvosa proper. There were hard choices to be made in the next few hours, and fate had conspired to make the Meltorian Archon a key player in those choices.

Nikias made a gesture to Erlak. The two ducked out and found a table in the Garrison District Ale House to confer where they could not be overheard. Although they had not known each other before the voyage, the past day of heavy fighting had done much to demonstrate to each the qualities of the other. Uncle Meteelin was right again, thought Erlak, you get to know what people are made of in battle. The Kerdosian’s and Aldeosian’s accent and mannerisms were different, but already they were adopting shorthands in communication.


Nikias chose from amongst the blandest of foodstuffs offered. Kerdios was a long way away, and never more so than at meal times. Dethripian chowders were too heavy for his tastes, in particular. Better to fight on a half-empty stomach than bent double by Abu Homos’ Revenge, he thought wryly.

Erlak chose from the heavy meats. Although he’d been raised in Aldeos, fish had never really been his preference. To business: what did Nikias think of Heroneus suggestion? The Oracle’s thoughts mirrored his own. The plan seemed sure to anger the Templars, and although neither of them cared overmuch for the Sisters, better to have another ally than another enemy. While Nikias was intrigued by the prospect that shattering the crystal would provide for research, some shadowy “project” in Melthore didn’t exactly thrill him.

“Here’s the problem I’m having,” Nikias started. “On a basic level, Heroneus’ plan doesn’t make sense to me. Destroy the crystal to overwhelm the invaders with Carnoids? All that will do is double the Leukeen advantage: they’ll still have the blessing of Leuokos, while the Korvosians without personal cystals will have no protection.”

“Heroneus seemed far more interested in taking advantage of the situation to further that mysterious ‘defense project’ than in the defense of Korvosa,” Erlak agreed. “Either that, or his definition of ‘acceptable collateral damage’ and mine differ by a factor of about a hundred. And did you notice that beat when he mentioned transporting the fragments to Melthore: ‘Not my favourite place’?”

Nikias nodded. “We are too early in Telford’s service to know his mind on these matters, but one thing is for certain: he is not an Archon to blindly toe the Imperialist Line. But we need clarity from him on his politics if we are to advise him well.”

It is the nature of the Archon to take other’s counsel but keep his own,” quoted Erlak. But his expression made it clear he too was perplexed. “This is a matter to revisit in a quiet moment.”

“If Heroneus’ proposal is a non-starter, where does that leave us?”

The proposal to rescue Crixus had appeal: a run across the High Bridge to the Arena might be feasible with a small force, and the gladiators would be a valuable force multiplier – if they sided with the Empire. But what if Meliandros had already swayed them to join the Tyranny? They could be walking into a fortified camp of enemy fighters. Had not Meliandros arranged the fight, and was he not the owner of Tyrax? It would be reasonable to expect the powerful Vrykolas to be acting as the Praetor’s lieutenant.

Archons and Their Positions

The Archons of Korvosa

- Optio of the Monarchist Consul Scipio Ifriquia.
- 80 Guardians.
- Wants to break down the Crystal of the City so the invaders would be overwhelmed by Carnoids.
- Want to use a fragment to protect the East Shore and send the rest to Melthore for a secret “defence project”.

Lentulus Batiatis
- Populist from Nemos.
- 10 Guardian and several Gladiators.
- Owner of Crixus, Champion of Capua, best gladiator of the Empire.
- Crixus was a guardian from Korvosa before he was condemned to death ad gladium for being tattooed.
- Crixus was back in Korvosa to fight Tyrax, a Vrykolas gladiator recently purchased by the local Praetor.
- Batiatis suggests freeing Crixus and other of his gladiators from their jail under the Arena so they could help retaking the city.

- Theocrat Archon of the North Point Ward.
- 40 Guardians.
- Supported by the local Templars
- Wants to disrupt the invader’s portals by using the Beacon Stone to create another “shockwave” that would shut the portals.
- Opposed to putting men at risk to rescue Crixus, “a criminal that should have been quickly executed” for is violation of the religious prohibition against tattoos.

Basil Pasedouris
- Populist Archon of the Old Korvosa Ward.
- 120 Guardians.
- Well connected with the Outcasts.
- Supports the idea of bringing the Beacon Stone back “online”.

- Optimate Archon of the South Shore.
- Missing in action. His men suffered heavy casualties during the initial assault.
- Potentially 120 to 150 Guardians left.
- Respected instructor at the Academy.

Chapter Three - Day 1 of the Siege

Fresh from the fight with the Oozes at the University, the party followed the suggestion of serpent imagery to the Temple of Typhoon on the west side of the city.

Upon entering the Temple, they found it the site of a previous battle, with dead bodies showing signs of death by venom. When the party called out greeting, they were warned to leave on pain of death. Not so much for leaving, a battle ensued with a number of snakes and a High Priestess in half-serpent form. Although Erlak was at one point grabbed by the High Priestess, he teleported to “safety” and in due course the snakes were dispatched and the High Priestess subdued.

Significantly, during the combat those persons who received snake bites reported seeing a vision in which white smoke-like tendrils were seen linking the party members, and in particular the Magister and Oracle, apparently to the beacon stone. This added to the belief that they party may need at some point to cross into Limbo to undo the damage that has been done.

Upon being convinced that the party was not with the Leukosian Traitors, the High Priestess agreed to prepare a potion derived from snake venom which will allow 5 person’s spirits to cross into the Limbo.

For now, however, more urgent matters beckoned. Without a functional beacon stone, Korvosa’s citizens will be overwhelmed by Carnoids come nightfall. The party made a fighting retreat across the High Bridge into East Korvosa for the night. There, a few loyal Archons and their Guardians are entering into debate with how best to deal with the treachery.

Before the Archon war council, Telford is button-holed by Heroneus, a fellow Monarchist. Heroneus’ plan is to seize and shatter the remaining crystal in the city held by the Templars, distributing some remnants to protect the East Shore, while ending the majority of the powder to Melthore to further some sort of mysterious defense project underway there. Can he count on Telford’s support? When Heroneus can’t divulge more information about the “defense project”, Telford indicates he’ll want to hear the suggestions of other Archons before he decides where to cast his 100 votes.

The ramblings of those lost

… its own tail to follow around its dead body like a coil of silk tread pulled from the cocoon of torn spider web has to be fixed in time and space where it comes from the impact caused the shockwave that torn the souls are to be attached like objects to the core that is bleeding poison like a snake swallowing…

…its own tail can’t see it without looking inside where it finds the poison that numbs the body but opens the soul within the Limbo what has been undone can be again but you can’t fix what you can’t see like a snake swallowing…

White Caste
…its own tail around the throat of the misfit traitors chokes them to pay its priests for the poison that kills the body but leaves the soul to feed a snake swallowing…

…swallowing its own tail like poison kills the body but the soul survives as an ancient god of the Limbo with multiple heads like a snake…

Chapter Two - Day 1 of the Siege

Encounter on the Streets of Korvosa with its treacherous Archon, Meleandros.

Erlak suffers from premature AoE castulation.
Telford debuts new “run around the block before fighting” strategy to great effect.

Fighter spends a Humanity Point to crit a really big brawler with a huge hammer. He is later dropped to two strikes and just about to fail strike three when the combat ends.

Oracle is knocked unconscious and is brought back through Magister’s daily.

Traitor takes advantage of the confusion to slip away.

Meleandros is forced to bug out and pursued almost to death by a magic missile lobbing Erlak, but he slips into the Acadamae.

Mordenkainen’s Hammer acquired.
Erlak’s Level 6 magic item acquired.

Battle against the Oozes at the University.

Attempt to “make whole” the Beacon stone doesn’t directly succeed, but does result in causing the comatose Magisters, Oracles, and White Caste members to begin babbling semi-coherently.


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