Tyrax's Mordenkrad

Adamantine Weapon

weapon (melee)

This glossy black weapon pierces the toughest shells

Superior two-handed melee weapon
Price: 17,000 gp (can be resold at full value)
Weapon: Mordenkrad
Damage: 2d6+3
Proficient: +2
Enhancement: +3 attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +3d10 damage

- Untyped damage done with this weapon ignores a number of points of resistance equal to twice the weapon’s enhancement bonus.

- Brutal 1 (A brutal weapon’s minimum damage is higher than that of a normal weapon. When rolling the weapon’s damage, reroll any die that displays a value equal to or lower than the brutal value given for the weapon. Reroll the die until the value shown exceeds the weapon’s brutal value, and then use the new value.

- Adamantine: the properties of this weapon come from the adamantine it is made of. This weapon is not considered to be magic, as it is not linked to a beacon stone. Its enchantement cannot be transfered.

Group: Hammer


Tyrax the Vrykolas was the previous owner of this oversized two handed hammer forged in Hades. It is believed that it had been used to damage the beacon stone of Korvosa. Its four faces represent carnoid heads.

Tyrax's Mordenkrad

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