Imperial Seal


Applying the Imperial Seal to a document is a ritual that can only be performed by the Emperor using his personal seal. The document bearing the Imperial Seal can only be opened by its intended recipient as described by the inscription made below the Seal. Braking the seal using rituals would destroy the seal and the message. Make Whole rituals are known to have been used to restore the parchment and the text, but the seal cannot be rebuilt that way.


The party received six letters bearing the Imperial Seal from the hands of Karenus Agricola, the Emperor’s father and Legatus. Two of the seals are made of red wax, and the other 4 of gold wax. The handwriting on the two sets of letter is also different. By comparing the seals to the one on his letter of nomination to the Senate, Talford was able to deduce that the letters bearing the gold seal were written after the Emperor became mad.

The two letters sealed with red wax are addressed to:

- High-Priestess Vesta
- To The Consul

The four letters sealed with gold wax are addressed to

- To my High-Priestess Vesta
- To the Senate
- Ambassador of Kerdios
- Magistrator of Majesta

Imperial Seal

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