Arms of Unbreakable Honor


Adventurers’s Vault 2 p. 109


Pennant Helm
Let me throw that in this cave for you… – Angdawa Tashi

Unbroken Lance
He swore such an oath on the Unbroken Lance, his magic spear, that he sent to Konemnos after he was defeated by Monarchist forces during a skirmish in Northern Melthore. – Scibios the Oracle

Sword of Vengeance
I will bath its blade in the blood of my enemies, White Throne will pay. – Gaius Styxius Glaba

Bridle of Flame
Shortly after, Gaius Styxius Glaba rode to Majesta, his Bridle of Flame leaving a blazing trail behind him. – Scibios the Oracle

Mirrored Plate
I shall wear my father’s armor until I die to protect the people of Aurias – Gaius Styxius Glaba

Shield of Fellowship
This shield will seal an alliance between the Helvetios and us against White Throne. – Gaius Styxius Glaba

Arms of Unbreakable Honor

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