Livia Antemodoros

Monarchist Senator from Seren


Senator Livia Antemodoros served several terms as Censor under the rule of Empress Sophia. She used her position as keeper of the Census and protector of the public morality to bring the Monarchist and Theocrat factions closer. She went as far as advocating the creation of an Imperialist coalition that would regroup the Monarchist and the Theocrats under the same banner. It was only a partial success, the more conservative of the Theocrats refusing to recognize the precedence of the Empress over religious matters and some Monarchist disliking the warmonger approach of the new coalition. The King of Kerdios’ refusal to join the coalition sealed its fate. Senator Livia did not hold any prominent public office since the coronation of the new Emperor, but that might change. Rumours has it that she might run for Consul if she gathers enough support. She counts the theocrat Archon Phoebus of Korvosa amongst her supporter.

Phoebus is currently leading to war a cohort of 500 Templars of the Imperial Household Guard incorporated to the 2nd Praetorian Legion.


Livia Antemodoros

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