Progi Prompolopoulos

Populist Senator from Majesta


House Prompolopoulos was a provincial optimates family until young Progi inherited his father’s estate and sold some of it to move to Majesta. He left his older brother Progasteros in charge of the family legion as his legatus in Telmyre, and undertook to become a patron of the arts. He studied poetry and oratory and put his knowledge to use in the Senate with mixed results. He broke with the Optimates allies of his father and joined his new friends in the Populist Party. Progi spends a lot of his family fortune on games and banquets in order to increase his popularity in Majesta. For him, the best idea is the idea shared by the greatest amount of people.

Recently, Senator Progi announced that he would give his support to Talfinius of Melthor as new Consul. In the meantime, his brother, Legatus Progasteros Prompolopoulos, followed the Emperor North with 300 war chariots to support the 1st Praetorian Legion.


Progi Prompolopoulos

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