Consul of Gaercimia


Pactobius, Consul of Gaercimia, is the leader of the Optimates Party. He was Governor of Telmyr and expecting to be elected Emperor by the Senate when Karelianus succeeded to his mother. To avoid a civil war in the capital between Pactobius and Legatus Karenos’ legions, the Senate rather chose to confirm Karelianus as Emperor and give consular power to Pactobius over the war on the Gaercimian front. He was to share his consular authority with Scipio Ifriquia, a Monarchist who had been Governor of Némos until then.

After the “Crixus incident”, Pactobius successfully promoted the nomination of Tribune Numa Coinin to the Deopagus.

Pactobius’s plan wass to besiege Korvosa and contain the enemy within the city while all available boats and ships are sent North on the Jeggar River to fetch reinforcements (mostly from his own legions). The Consul wished to take the time to gather enough troops in order to ascertain a total victory over the invader. The Dethripian navy was to be called upon to blockade Korvosa and cut Konemnos’ every possible escape route to make sure he is captured or killed.

Pactobius was held responsible for the invasion of Korvosa and stripped of his Consulship by the Senate. Furthermore, the Emperor forced Pactobius to “lend” him 1000 guardians that were incorporated to the 4th Praetorian Legion.


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