Nikias Kriton

Oracle from Kerdios


Level ? Bard


Nikias grew up in Kerdios in a Noble family, never wanting for anything.

Besides the bonding ritual to the Beacon Stone, Nikias kept fit by training as an athelete. His specialty was the long distance marathon/endurance running.

Nikias has a theory that Beacon Stones have a sentience. With only 1 stone in his home province, Nikias was afraid that he was just imagining things due to his familiarity with it (or maybe it was even just wishful thinking). In order to further prove (or disprove) his budding theory he set out to visit other lands (and Beacon Stones) to see if he got any of the same ‘vibes’ off of them.

He hooked up with this secretive Archon along the way as he figured he would get into trouble which would allow the opportunity to come in contact with other stones. It is quite a motley assortment of individuals that have attached themselves to the Archon, but they seem to work well enough together (so far anyway).

Since leaving home he has had ‘conversation’ with the Beacon Stone in Korvosa (while the party was in Limbo trying to reactivate it). This conversation was unsettling in that the ‘entity’ inside the stone seemed both reptilian, demanding and many headed.

After the recapture of Krovosa and the ensuing events Nikias finds himself assisting in the binding of a new Magistrate to the beacon stone in Korvosa… and has learned much of the old ways, back when Oracles were the Magistrates. This has given him much to think on as well as some… radical ideas. It really is too bad that his companion’s uncle is to the the new Magistrate and that his friend actually likes his uncle, otherwise MUCH mayhem would have ensured. Still, once the party is successful and back out of Limbo, Nikias has someone that he is going to pay a visit to :)

In the limbo that was the ‘test’ for the new Magister, Nikias and the group became aware of some ‘higher’ (?) beings that were tentacled. These beings seemed to indicate that he was destined for greatest, destined to rule. This was not something that Nikias had any interest in…

Further adventures ensued with the party eventually crossing a desert at the head of a Legion. At this time an ‘event’ occurred that frooze all but the party in some sort of stasus. While the rest were in this status effect these tentacled beings came back and informed Nikias that things had moved at a pace that was faster than expected and that he was needed, NOW. Nikias and friends resisted but the tentacled being ‘adjusted’ Nikias’s way of thinking so that he ended up leaving with them.

The party was forced to continue on (for now) without him as there was no clues as to where he was taken or how to contact him (futile attempts were made).

Nikias Kriton

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