Méléandros Sergova

Autokrator of Korvosa (Deceased)


Méléandros Sergova was elected by the Archons of Dethripia with the support of the Governor to replace his deceased father as Praetor of Korvosa. On the funeral pyre of his farther, Méléandros swore that History would remember him as a great man of war and politics. The Sergova family had always been an influential member of the Optimates Party within the province, and a lot was expected from the new head of the house. The promising young man however turned out to be a disappointing ruler. His administration suffered from the influence of Melekos the Architect, an Artificer he had elected as one of the Aediles of the City. The Architect earned his nickname from all the grandiose public work projects he had the City Council to undertake, the refection of Castle Korvosa being the most costly of them. This spending spree soon left the city’s treasure near empty, allowing the Populists to rally the discontent against Méléandros. In an effort to reverse the tendency, the Praetor cancelled the construction of a new Temple, which resulted in the Theocrats leaguing with the Populists against him. It soon became evident that Méléandros’ praeteoria would not survive the next election.

The promise he made to History and his expected demotion might explain why Méléandros chose to betray Aurias and acknowledge Konemnos as his Emperor and Leukos has his God.

Meleandros, sometimes known as Meleanders, is an Archon of Korvosa and the lead protagonist in the story so far.
Appearances are that he has betrayed the city to the Tyranny, and orchestrated the sabotage of the University’s Beacon Stone and the opening of multiple portals into the city for Leukeen to enter.
On November 4th, the party has their first direct contact with Meleandros in the Encounter of University Way. Meleandros and Telford the Archon exchanged blows directly, but the tactics used by the party caused Meleandros to divide his forces and enabled the party to win the engagement, albeit with heavy damage.
Meleandros was barely able to escape with his life, and was pursued by Erlak, lobbing magic missiles until he was able to get outside of range, through the streets of Korvosa until he took shelter in the Acadamae.

Méléandros Sergova

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