Konemnos The Enlightened

The Despot


Older brother of the late Empress Sophia and uncle of the current Emperor Karelianos V, Konemnos Agricola was prevented from being crowned himself by a coup led by his brother in law, Legatus Karenos Agricola (who took the surname of his young wife). After a besieged Senate elected his sister at the head of the Empire, Konemnos fled to Akeodes with the few members of the Monarchist League still loyal to him. While Konemnos was amongst the Outcasts, The Templar reached out to him and bestowed Leukos’ blessing upon him. Enlightened, Konemnos and his followers moved to Leukopolis.

Within the borders of the Tyranny, Konemnos is now a prominent member of the Orthodox League. Members of this political faction believe that Leukos has completed his accession to divinity and is above human politics. Under the leadership of The Templar, the ultimate goal of the Orthodox League is not the annexation of Aurias to the Tyranny, but the conversion of his inhabitants to the worship of Leukos.

Konemnos The Enlightened

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