Karenos Agricola

Legatus Universalis of the Emperor


Consort of the previous Empress and father of the current Emperor, Karenos began his career as a guardian of the Praetorian Guard. He rose through the ranks becoming centurion and then Primus Pilus (first centurion) of the Guard. During his service to Emperor Nikephoros II Agricola, he attracted the attention of Sophia Agricola and began a romantic relationship with the young Archon. When the old Emperor died, Karenos led a palace revolution by marrying Sophia (he took the surname of his wife) and putting her on the Imperial Throne instead of the heir apparent, her older brother Konemnos. Karenos achieved this goal by taking over Majesta using the Praetorian Guard and coercing the Senate into submission.

From Legatus of the Pratorian Guard and Dux of Majesta under Empress Sophia, Karenos is now regent of the Empire as Legatus Universalis of his son Karelian V, who he put on the throne the same way he did for his mother years before. Karenos’ political power is based on his ability to spare the interests of the Populist and the Optimates while relying on the might of the Praetorian Guard to secure his position.

Karenos Agricola

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