Karelianus V

Emperor of Aurias


Karelianus Agricola was only a child when he succeeded to his mother, the Empress Sophia Agricola. Although he reigned over Aurias for a number of years now, Karelianus never governed the Empire. His father Karenos had the Senate to recognize him, a guardian, as Legatus Universalis of the young Emperor and assumed the regency of the Empire ever since.

Karelianus, like his mother before him, is a dedicated foll
ower of Tamiras’ teachings. He is known to have a lavish lifestyle in private, surrounded by Serene’s Daughters, and to put a mask of virtue when he appears in public, protected by a following of Lieutenants.

Kept away from politics by his father, the young Karelianus is developing a role of religious figure of the Empire for himself and had, in an unusual initiative, the Senate recognize the Emperor and the Tribunes as “sacred persons” (whatever that means).

Karelianus V

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