The institution and its members


The Deopagus

The Deopagus is the supreme tribunal of the Empire. It is the only jurisdiction that can sentence an Archon to death and the only institution where a judgement made by the Emperor can be appealed. To be appointed to the Deopagus, an Archon must be of the Senatorial Order. His appointment must be proposed by the Emperor and endorsed by the Senate. Once appointed to the Deopagus, an Archon loses all lands and titles, and the succession laws apply as if he were dead for all his properties.

The seat of the Deopagus is located in the mountains of Northern Melthore. It was moved away from Majesta two centuries ago in order to, according to the Emperor of the time, protect the institution from political interference and preserve its neutrality. It is now isolated from the rest of the world in the heights of mountains covered in eternal snow. The needs of the venerable judges are attended to by a congregation of Daughters of Seren, a small Lair of Magisters and an honor guard.

Rulings of the Deopagus must be made with a 2/3 majority of all its members. During the deliberations, the judges are secluded until they reach the required majority.


Members of the Deopagus

Numa Coinin: Former Monarchist Tribune in Nemos and close ally of Consul Scipio, he was appointed to the Deopagus after the “Crixus incident” during which he use all of his political weight to commute the sentence of the young tattooed and disgraced legatus.

Nefertari Rea: twin sister and ex-wife of the current King of Kerdios. She was appointed to the Deopagus at the Pharaoh’s insistence after it became clear that she was unable to give him children so he could re-marry.

Pedastus: former Theocrat Governor of Aldeos, his appointment was a move by conservative Theocrats to cover up a sexual scandal involving Pedastus and some young men serving him as guardians.

Nemosias: former Monarchist Consul, he was appointed when Empress Sophia climbed the imperial throne. He was a friend of her disgraced brother Konemnos. Nemosias is the oldest member of the Deopagus and has now been a member of this institution for most of his life.

Solon: former Optimates Governor of Melthor. He was chosen by Empress Sophia to quell a populist rebellion in the province. His rule was short but bloody. His nomination to the Deopagus was both a mean to remove a very unpopular governor from office while rewarding a loyal servant of the Empire.

Celustus: the Optimates General that retook Gloomwrought from Leukos and lost it five years later. His appointment as perceived as both a way to reward him for taking the city, and a punishment for losing it.

Diocletian: a Populist Senator from Melthore, he never held any other political office. Very vocal within the Populist movement, he was known more as a philosopher than as a politician. His seat in the Deopagus is the only office he ever actively campaign for. His detractors call him a worshiper of the Hydra.

Aggripina: Former Theocrat Governor of Seren, she gave the power to her son when she was appointed with the Lady Protector’s blessing and Empress Sophia’s support.

Former Member

Gaius Styxius Glaba (deceased) : Adoptive son of Antonius Glaba, a populist prefect of Northern Melthore, he was raised by his adoptive father’s concubine, a Daugther of Seren. Gaius earned the agnomen “Styxius” after defeating the forces of White Throne thanks to an alliance with the Helvetios, a barbarian tribe living in the mountains between Melthore and Hades. Following this victory, Gaius was elected Tribune and later became Governor of Melthore with the support of the Populists. During the War of Succession between Sophia and Konemnos, Gauis Glaba was elected as Nemosias’s co-consul by remaineing neutral and preventing the civil war from spreading outside of the Province of Aurias. During the inter-reign, with the support of the Populists and the Theocrats, Gaisu Styxius Glaba became the effective ruler of the Empire as Nemosias was busy supporting Komenmos’s claim with his own legions. After her accession to the throne, Empress Sophia retroactively granted the title of Regent to Gais and promoted him to the Deopagus.


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