Angdawa Tashi

Pleasant fellow, generally introverted. Kind of blends into the background.


Level ?
Class ?


5’11" and about 170 lbs. He is lean looking from what appears to have been the hard life of a Desert Guide, but one look into his eyes and his inner strength can almost knock a person over.

He is pleasant and diplomatic with people and always seems to be curios wabout what is going on around him. He is clean shaven, face and head, which seems to be less a vanity trait that it does a pratical one.

He typically appears wearing a cloak, a robe and a longwsord… typical desert wear. What is not typical, upon closer inspection, is that the cloak and robe are made from woven carnoid sinew that has been stripped thin and beaten to make it supple (almost like a yarn). The sword he carries is a sharpened Carnoid tibia and obviosuly from a very large carnoid.

He has a Crystal as well as a medium sized Carnoid brain on a chain around his neck.

Angdawa Tashi

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