To High-Priestess Vesta

High-Priestess Vesta broke the red seal of the letter Talford’s brought her from the Emperor and read it:

Revered Mother,

On my quest to recover the missing Eagle, I followed your wise advice and I asked Claudius to dig up the imperial archives of the period when the 13th Legion received its colors. Poor Uncle Claudius was attacked by dire rats in the process, but do not worry, he is well. Only his pride was injured by the mockeries of the Court that followed.

The “paper artificer” as they call him nevertheless worked his magic. By restoring ancient documents using Make Whole rituals, Claudius was able to determine that War-Abbess Hephaestia is the Templar who created the crystal eagle of the 13th. Claudius also found that Hephaestia was buried in the crypts under the watch tower of the main gate of the Temple. According to her will, it was her last wish to be buried there to protect the Temple beyond death.

Revered Mother, I respectfully ask that you have Templars perform rituals at War-Abbess Hephaestia’s last resting place so that maybe she will answer our prayers and grant us some clues as to the whereabouts of the missing Crystal Eagle.

Karelianus Agricola, Imperator

After that, High-Priestess Vesta told you that you would have to clear the crypts of the spirits guarding it if you wish to have access to Hephaestia’s tomb, where the ritual must be performed…



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