The Emperor is Dead... Long Live the Consul...


By now all of you heard the news. The Emperor is dead, killed by the men sworn to protect him. We will leave it to History to judge His reign, and the men who plunged their dagger in his heart.

As Consul, it falls to me to uphold the law during the interregnum. I recognize that the Senate has many pressing matters to discuss:

  • The Governor of Aurias [Monarchist] is asking for punitive actions against the Emperor’s assassins;
  • The Theocratic Party and the Optimates are demanding that the now out of control Nemesis Caste be dismantle and its members destroyed;
  • The Noble Governors of Aldeos [Monarchist] and Telmyre [Optimates], are jointly proposing that a peace be negotiated with king Herod of Kerdios.
  • On the other hand, Marcelus, Governor of Melthor [Populist], supported by the Theocrats, is asking for punitive actions against Kerdios.
  • I personally proposed, along with members of both the Populist and Optimates Parties that the Deopagus be brought back to the Capital, but know the venerable institution is besieged by forces from White Throne.

Votes on these questions will have to wait. By law, the Senate is adjourned until it is ready to elect a new Emperor. First, Karelianus’ body has to be retrieved and receive a proper burial. Then, the Emperor’s Will has to be read. The Imperial Will is safeguarded by the Deopagus and is therefore currently out of our reach. The Deopagus also has to certify that all candidates are of royal blood. Finally, a Census where all Archons have to account for their legions has to be conducted before an imperial election is held.

In the meantime, I swear to fulfill the duties of my office in the best interest of the People of Aurias.

Consul Titus Talfinius – Minutes of the Senate



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