The Curse of the Pharaoh

Betrayed by his Emperor who stole from him the most precious relic of the Kerdosian faith, King Herod sacked the Port of Tessalonia and cursed it with the Plague. Rats onboard Melthorian merchant ships spread the Black Death from port to port. During the fourth winter of Karelianus V’s reign, the corps of the sick rose and walked the streets.

King Herod unleashed another curse on the Agricolas by revealing one of their darkest family secret. Claudius the Paper Artificer, the stammerer, was in fact an Archon turned into an Artificer because Karenos wanted no rival in his House. “Poor Uncle Claudius” was already 10 year old when Kerdosian Necromancers attempted to make a magister out of him. The procedure failed and Claudius, barely alive, became an Artificer. Rumors of such vile practices were common within Kerdosian Royalty, but never was an ancient Aurelian house touched by such a scandal.

With the loss of the Province of Kerdios, the Golden Age of the Empire was officially over.

Grander and Demise of the Agricolas , Tome III, by Scibios The Oracle



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