Ransacking Scipio`s Office

While ransacking Scipio’s office you find:

- A chest with 5,000 GP in it;
- A Map of Northern Melthore;
- Some correspondence, the important stuff is below.

Scipio’s Correspondence:

[…] In my review of the current state of the capital’s treasury, I also noticed that the departure of the Praetorian Guard left our grain reserved quite low. The Legions left with months’ worth of wheat and barley. We need to make arrangements in order to receive more shipments of grain from Kerdios to make up for what is missing or this is going to be a rough winter. […]
- Consul Titus Talfinius

[…] you will be pleased to learn that most Lairs in Nemos, Aurias and Majesta are ready to welcome members of Nemesis Caste. Everything has been prepared in accordance with the standards established at the Beacon Stone of Capua following Magistrator Xenophos’ specifications. That might be just what the Emperor needs to assure his victory in his current campaign. […]
- Magistrator Dedalus

[…] Also, I am sorry to bother you with this, but would you know where Oracle Nikias is? He serves with Praetor Talford, one of your officers. Nikias is my cousin and we did not have any news from him for a long time. I would like to discuss the prophecy he made on the eve of your victory in Korvosa with him.
- Magister Zaccaria, Ambassador of Kerdios to Majesta

[…] The Templars have been sniffing around our businesses lately. We though they we tailing us at one point, but it turned out they were escorting one of the Emperor’s concubine, a Daughter of Selene, to the Deopagus. The little Lion is safe with your men. […]
- Zugma, Cheik of Sandstone



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