Dies Irae (Day of Wrath)

Citizens, our Republic faces great danger. As we are still at war with the enemies of Humanity, my colleague in Consulship, Kalastor Agicola, signed a separate peace with the Tyranny, but only for his own provinces. Agricola is now marching back to Majesta with his legions. He expects the Senate to grant him Imperium over all the Provinces of Aurias, in order for his pact with Leukos to apply to the whole Republic. He probably hopes that the attrition of our troops in the war will give him the votes he needs to achieve his treacherous plan. But we shall fight tyranny wherever we find it, be it outside or inside of our borders. Citizens, Patricians and Proles, Optimates and Populists, we have to unite our forces to save the Republic. Agricola and his theocrat allies would rather impose one king and one God on us, but we will prevail.

History tells us that Sejanus Quintus Pactobius and his civil war did not prevail. Instead, Kalastor Agricola became the first Emperor and Aurias, if only for a decade, knew peace with her neighbour. During this Golden Age, freedom of religion was preserved, as well as the right for every citizen to be represented by an Archon in the Senate. But the rivalry between Houses Pactobius and Agricola was far from being at an end, and would mark the centuries to come.

Grander and Demise of the Agricolas , Tome I, by Scibios The Oracle



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