Close Encounter of the Third Kind II

As Talford and his men are petrified, charmed or dominated by the beholder, time seems to stop. From two of the creature’s peripheral eyes, holographic representations of an Illithid master and its disciple are projected:

D – Master, the Beholder picked up the signature of our subject in this area of the Web. We are close to the location were the technician was found dead.

M – [Studying Erlak] It came from this one, but that’s not him.

D – Could this Human make a good king as well?

M – I don’t think so. His connexions to the Hydra are all messed up. He would be short-circuit prone.

D – [Pointing at Nikias] What about this one ?

M – That one is much more healthier, but still at an early stage of development. Mark him if you wish. You can study his evolution, but I am afraid our City will need a new king before this one is ready.

D – [Looking at Alastor’s hammer] Master, look at this. Shouldn’t we take this away from them?

M – This is just a projection of the real thing. These humans are sleeping. They won’t remember us when they wake up…



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