Citizen Roll

Senator Talfinius raised his voice to be heard amongst the general uproar of the Senate:

Consul Scipio, we are all relieved by the Emperor’s sudden recovery, but we received the most disturbing news from the Western Front as well. Apparently, the Emperor dismissed the current Governor of Gaercimia Gearcimia and moved Pactobius from Governor of Dethripia to that position instead. Furthermore, he reappointed Drusus Tarquinus as Governor Dethripia, less than two months after he sanctioned Tarquinus’ dismissal by the Senate. Respectfully, all these appointments are illegals as they were made without the consent of the People as represented by this noble assembly of Senators. I say we should promptly elect a second consul and summon the Emperor to answer our questions. My son Talford just liberated Capua, freeing Agricola from this burden. My son won this war, the Emperor can come back.

The lictors had to hit the butt of their axes on the floor repeatedly before the assembly was quiet enough to allow Consul Scipio to reply:

Noble colleagues, I share your concerns. Unfortunately, His Imperial Majesty can’t come back now. As you remember, the Emperor swore a solemn oath, in this very House, not to come back to Majesta before He recovers the lost Eagle of the XIIIth Legion. The noble Karelianus is sending to us His father and Legatus, along with a cohort of the Praetorian Guard, to answer all the questions me might have.

As for the election of a second consul, the Emperor entrusted us with this task and I agree that we must accomplish it promptly. So far, divisions amongst the Senators have prevented any of the three candidates from reaching the required majority. Recent progress in the ongoing Census might help resolve this difficulty. I have been informed by the Censors that the members of the recently formed Urban Militia, forces placed under the command of the Plebeian Tribune, are ready to be granted citizenship and guardian status. Their names have been placed on this document that only needs the Senate’s approval to be added to the Citizen Roll. You will notice that, at the bottom of the parchment, I took the liberty of adding a few names. These are veterans of the IIIrd Irregular that I recommend for citizenship as a reward for their victories in Korvosa and Capua…



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